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If you are going to Europe and you need a car, you need Natacha Camuset!

I cannot recommend highly enough the terrific service, fast quotes and great cars Natacha arranged through Citroen Europass for myself, my wife and our dog Shoga.

Not only were the cars great - a Citroen C4 Picasso and a C3 Picasso used over seven months - in 2015/16, but the staff at the Citroen pickup and dropoff points in Paris, Nice and Munich were as friendly as Natacha. A small problem with the locking mechanism on the C3 in Imperia, Italy was repaired in less than hour at the local Citroen dealer, no questions asked and no money needed, and we were again on our way.

The full-coverage insurance meant we never worried about problems during more than 16,000 kilometres of driving through France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy and made our European adventure one for the ages. Although we "met" Natacha only via email, we feel we made a wonderful new friend in France and we will definitely use Natacha's great services next time we need a vehicle in Europe.

The ability to choose your vehicle model to fit your needs and to get a new car every time simply cannot be beat. Our C4 had 2 km on it when I picked it up in Paris. The C3 was an "older" older model - it had 4 km on the clock. No extra charges for more than one driver, full insurance and great service made Citroen Europass and Natacha a combination that cannot be beat.

VERY highly recommended for your next trip to Europe. We will be working with her the next time we make the trip.

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